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Part of school life

Cubbie fits into the regular school day

For those students with autism or diagnosed sensory needs, schools use their Cubbies in one of two ways.

Firstly it is for structured and timetabled interventions.

Secondly, some students who recognise their early signs of sensory overload use a card system to indicate to the teacher they are visiting the Cubbie.

In both circumstances, the objective is to prevent a full-blown episode. The benefits of this are numerous.

Part of school life
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There is little disruption to the rest of the class and the teaching staff
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The students' time out of the classroom is minimised
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The students' attention in the classroom is maximised, so they are not just included but participating
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Parents report that siblings also come home less stressed and happier

Cubbie is cool

Usage is not just for those with autism and diagnosed sensory needs. Many students with occasional stress and anxiety use a Cubbie Sprint to regulate themselves. This has the effect that students with autism and diagnosed sensory needs do not feel singled out or particularly different. Every student wants to fit in with their cohort and Cubbie helps with this.

Because so many people benefit directly and indirectly from a Cubbie Sprint, we are increasingly being told that students think that the Cubbie is cool.


Teachers use Cubbie

We also know that after a busy day and the students have gone home, teachers can be found having their own Cubbie Sensory Sprint
Teachers use Cubbie

Testimonial videos

Learn how Cubbie has improved people’s lives and celebrate with us by watching the videos below.

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