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Cubbies are becoming a vital inclusion and participation tool for autistic people and those with sensory needs.

There was a time when people were unsure how to include wheelchair users in society. It is now well understood that buildings should have slopes, lifts, wide doorways, and low handles. But what about people with sensory overload? How can they be accommodated when there is a risk of sensory overwhelm?

Cubbie is the solution. Every Cubbie is connected to the Cubbie Cloud. Anyone with a Cubbie profile can benefit from a Cubbie Sprint. Wherever they are, they can be regulated predictably and reliably in 5,10 or 15 minutes.

Cubbies are being installed in hospital outpatients for use before and after a procedure. They are in universities, libraries, sports arenas, including the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, and most importantly, workplaces.

Basically, anywhere where people gather and there is lots of noise, light and motion should have a Cubbie. In these circumstances, a Cubbie is a safe space for a person to predictably regulate, often preventing an overload before they quickly return to participating.

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Learn how Cubbie has improved people’s lives and celebrate with us by watching the videos below.


Dr Aisling Lyons Consultant Paediatrician SI Neurodisability University Hospital Galway

"The Cubbie has been a fantastic addition to the playroom particularly for children with developmental needs. On a number of occasions children with developmental needs have come in for clinical review and often become distressed and upset in the clinical environment of the outpatient department. When brought to the Cubbie, they have settled, and it has allowed for a very meaningful clinical visit without causing distress or anxiety for the child or their parents. We also have a number of children with additional needs admitted to the ward. The Cubbie has allowed them to take a break from the clinical environment and the children are much happier and less anxious as a result, particularly those children with significant sensory needs."

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