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Cairn International Trade Centre,
Co. Mayo,
F12 P7W8

094 901 4020

0204 599 2727

[email protected]

What our users are saying

  • ”Children, parents and staff report calmer, happier and more settled children… the children return to their class ready to participate in their work…”

  • “Initially we investigated buying a Cubbie to support our autistic students… It quickly became obvious that Cubbie is not just for autistic people… we all can suffer from sensory overload…”

  • "The Cubbie is loved by our students, there is no stigma attached to its use and it allows our students to be more participative as (the software) help pre-empt and prevent sensory (overload) issues"

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cubbie Hubs wheelchair accessible?+

Yes. Cubbie Hubs are manufactured to the Irish Wheelchair Association design guidelines.

What age group is Cubbie suitable for?+

All ages. Universally designed, Cubbies are suitable for both young and old.

Who should use Cubbie?+

Anyone. Cubbie is a safe space for both the neurodiverse and neurotypical.

Are Cubbie Hubs hygienic?+

Yes. They are straightforward to clean because of their wipeable flat surfaces. Cubbies are built to hospital-level hygiene recommendations..

Do I have space for a Cubbie Hub?+

We’ll check for you. Cubbies use a small space. A member of our team will visit your site and help you find the perfect location.

Are there any building alterations needed to install Cubbie?+

Generally no. Cubbies are modular and built on-site by our team, requiring no building modifications or planning.

Where is Cubbie manufactured?+

Cubbie is an Irish company that manufactures in Ireland and the UK.

Is a Cubbie robust?+

Yes, a Cubbie is made of steel.